LOMVUM LVB120M Laser Distance Meter 120m


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LOMVUM LVB 120M Laser Measurement Digital Laser Distance Meter Laser

LOMVUM LVB 120M Laser distance meter is specially designed to measure the distance precisely. It comes with the function of measuring AREA, VOLUME, ADDITION, SUBTRACTION easily. It can also store 20 data. Using small optics. The laser distance meter is hand-held and easy to operate.


  • Quickly Measurement Only 0.5s: Switzerland imports processor and upgrade the optical lens, measurement efficiency increased more than 30%, greatly reduce the amount of work
  • Horizontal & Vertical Bubble Level: Horizontal and vertical bubble design, make it more accurate when measuring the distance.
  • HD Backlight Display: Under the condition of the poor lighting, backlight display can make the measurement visible.
  • 20 Sets of data storage: According to the customer's habits and scientific study, expert has found that 20 sets of data are just right. It is more convenient to access and memory.
  • Voice Switch to Silence: Voice on-off control at any time, such as in the library, office, classroom, meeting room and other quiet places
  • Top-quality Swiss Workmanship: Swiss over molding mold features exceptional damage resistance to the scratches, drops, and bumps of use.
  • IP54 Protection: The product's protecting grate is IP54, it can work in the environments of most moisture or lots of fragment.
  • Brand: lomvum
  • Model : LVB120M
  • Measuring Units: m/in/ft
  • Measuring Accuracy: 0.2~120m +/- 0.5
  • Laser Class: 630-670mm, Class 2
  • Single/Continuous Measurement
  • Area/Volume/Pythagoras Measurement
  • Measuring Reference: front/rear
  • Protection Class: ip54
  • Battery Type: 2*AAA 1.5v(not included)
  • Product Weight: 76G
  • Memory: 20Values
  • Size: 115*50*29MM

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