SPTA 18V Cordless Car Polisher 15mm Orbit


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The SPTA Cordless Polisher Gives you the freedom to work, high Performance brushless motor with low noise optimizes polish Efficiency. SPTA cordless dual action polisher, come with 2 rechargeable batteries, 6pcs sponge pads, 2pcs wool pad and 2pcs microfiber cloths, allow you to finish the job just by one step. Perfect for polishing and removing swirls, scratches, and defects from any car surfaces.


  • Unique Features
    •  Ergonomic Design and Comfortable Soft-Touch Head Cover!
    •  Auto Shut-off Carbon Brushes, Low Noise and Low Vibration!
    • Sealed 100% Ball-Bearing Provides Longer Life!
  • Dual Action Polisher: Come with random-orbit, swirl-free polishing /sanding action, which can reduce the damage of machine tracks bum marks and holograms. It is different from norma polisher or rotary machines and perfect for polishing, waxing and removing swirls.
  • Self-locking Power Switch: With switch lock design, you can maintain a speed by ock down the button, greatly reducing fatigue. When the spindle is locked, you can quickly replace other accessories without using other tools.
  • Speed Regulator: The speed control dial is placed in the middle of the machine body, right above the user's thumb, which makes the operation much more easier. Speed varies from 1800 to 4800 OPM range and ensures more flexible compound and trustful final polishing effect.
  • Sponge Polishing Pad


    • T80 Claret Heavy Cut Polishing Pad
    • T60 Yellow Medium Cut Polishing Pad
    • T20 Black Light Cut Polishing Pad
  • T100 Light Cut Polishing Pad
    • Designed for both Rotary & DA polishing
    • Reduce polish splash & reduce heat build up
    • Reduce vibration and offer smoother handling
    • Withstand high temperature and water wash
    • Perfectly work with SPTA DA POLISHER
  • Polishing Disc Cleaning Brush : [size]: 200*105mm , Used to clean sponges and wool pads, and remove car wax residues or stains on the surface of the polishing disc.
  • Fiber car wash towel: [size]: 400*400mm, Super fine fiber material ,with no ball and lint .Soft material feels better and easy to clean!
  • Polishing Disc Cleaning Brush: [size]:240*100mm, Double-sided car wash glove can decontaminate much more easily, it is also more flexible and durable, an elasticated waist to tighten the mouth, which has good elasticity and is not easily to strangle or fall off.
  • Work Apron: [size]: 760*540mm, The apron is washable and wear-resistant, it is made of comfortable and breathable fabrics, which not only ensure waterproofness and breathability, but also effectively prevent stains.
  • Tool Kit Bag: [size]:480*170*220mm, SPTA tool baq is convenient and durable, it has thickened ining, which makes it wear-resistant, and can effectively prevent the puncture of sharp objects.


  • Item: Dual action car polisher
  • Brand: SPTA
  • Backing Plate: 5inch(125mm)
  • Speed Install: 7 Variable Speed
  • Orbit: 15mm
  • Function: Car Waxing, Polishing and Fast Finishing
  • Battery Capacity: 18V, 4000mAh
  • Variable Speed: 1800-4800rpm
  • Rated Voltage: 18V
  • Polisher Machine *1
  • Handle*2,Wrench*1,Manual*1
  • ,5"Backing Plate*1
  • 6"Backing Plate*1
  • 5"Sponge Pad*3
  • 6"Sponge Pad*3
  • 5"Wool Pad*1
  • 6"Wool Pad*1
  • Yellow Glove*1
  • Towel*2
  • Wash dish brush*1
  • Large size kit*1
  • Apron*1

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