AUTOOL X90 GPS/OBD2 Slope Meter Inclinometer Car Compass HUD Pitch Tilt


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A smart GPS multi-functional horizontal speedometer for driving, fully supports high-precision monitoring of car speed,vehicle tilt angle, vehicle pitch angle changes, compass, time and car battery voltage status, to ensure your driving safety. Precisely shows vehicle tilt angle with clear notification, when the angle is over 40°, alarm alerts. Precisely show vehicle pitch angle changes,when the angle is over 40°the alarm alerts to insure your safety.

After connected to power supply, there will be backlight inside, which will help you see accurately in case of night or dark situation. Elevation error within 5- 100 meters.After the vehicle starts the speedometer starts automatically, after car parking the meter will be in sleep mode automatically. Over speed alarm: Fatigue driving alarm alerts after driving for 4 hours.

  • It has the function of clearing the fault code of automobile.
  • Free switching between degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius (tank temperature display).
  • Free switching between British and metric units (speed display) Gui Temple site.
  • Support for the nine major OBD agreements.
  • Automatically monitor the driving condition of the vehicle.
  • The light intensity induced by the light source sensor is used to adjust the brightness of the screen.
  • The free rotation is used, and its sensitivity is high.
  • Using color high definition liquid crystal screen display, high resolution.Carbon fiber appearance fuselage design.
  • Start with the car, stop automatic dormancy function.
  • Park the car on a level surface, stick the adhesive on the product, adjust and fix it in the vehicle for easy horizontal view.

  • Before driving, connect the power supply and wait to receive the satellite GPS signal until the data shows normal.

  • Long and hold the setting button and click the start button to adjust the electronic clock.

  • Press and hold the start button, and click the setting button to adjust the time of the X90.

  • This device based on OBD2 protocols.

  • Supports OBD-II /EOBD protocols and J1850(J1850 PWM, J1850 VPM). Can not support JOBD and SAE J1850 protocols. We suggest you ask seller before you make order.

  • If your car has one of the obd2 protacol, your car will be suitable. But many Japanese carsthat can’t connect devices properly, it is not recommended to buy.(Such as : DAIHATSU,Nissan,Honda,Toyota,Kia,Isuzu)

  • Support Cars in European: After 2008 year

  • Support cars in United States: After 2008 year

  • Support cars in Asia and Russian: After 2012 year


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