Super PDR tools Car Cracked Windshield glass Repair Kit


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This kit is designed to provide vehicle owners the necessary information and tools to repair small damages in laminated automotive glass windshields. Allows anyone to fix a damaged windshield or window. 


  • Perfect Windscreen Repair Tool : Fill the air cavity with a strong penetrating adhesive that will bond the loose glass and restore the visibility.
  • Advanced Resin Formula : Fit with all types of laminated windshields.The air in the crack will block the infiltration of the repair fluid, and our windshield repair kit have vacuum function to quickly remove air from the crack.
  • Easy to operat : Windshield chip repair kit is easy to use. First, clean and dry the windshield surface, then squeeze the resin into the crack. It is then placed on the cured film, then quickly dried and cured under UV light for 5-10 minutes. Use a spatula to scrape off the remaining resin.
  • Single-ingredient Filler : Simplifies the application process by eliminating the need to mix or heat materials. Because the ingredients match the optical qualities of glass, they create a clear, blue-free repair.
  • Wide Applicability for Small Damage : Should only be used on bulls-eye, spider web, star damages, and some combination breaks smaller than 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter. Long-lasting maintenance effect.
  • NOTE- If the damages are in the Driver's Primary Viewing Area, owners should have their windshield inspected by a professional glass repair technician to determine whether the windshield should be repaired or replaced.
  • In case of damage, cover the area with scotch tape to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the damaged area.
  • The damage must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid the spread of small s.
  • Ideal application temperature is 60 to 90 ° f (15 to 32 ° c). Glue will dry under uv light.If there is no uv light, please repair the glue in the sun.
  • Surfaces must be clean and dry for proper repair.
  • Do not expose the glue if it is not needed.
  • This step is important! To reduce the risk of chemical contact with skin and eyes,wear safety glasses and gloves when using this product.


  • 3x repair resin
  • 1 X Spring repair pen 
  • 1 x pointed tap 
  • 1 x pair of gloves 
  • 5x cotton swap 
  • 1 x clean cloth
  • 3 x section cup 
  • 1 x blade 
  • 4x cure strips

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