Spartna SPR-973 Pipe Inspection Video Scope 30 Meter


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SPR-973 is a compact video inspection system with a self-leveling 23 mm diameter video camera equipped with a 512 Hz probe emitter, a 7" monitor and a 30 m push cable. The camera has a viewing angle of 105°. The system is intended for work in pipeline diameters from 30 - 200mm. Thanks to the LED lighting of adjustable intensity, it is able to make both video recordings and photographs with equally good results. Along with the video recording, it is also possible to make an audio recording with comments and notes.

  • 23mm waterproof camera(IP68),12 bright LED lights.

  • One-touch video/audio recording and image capture.

  • 7″ TFT handheld monitor, Resolution 720 x 576.

  • Support max 256G SD card or USB stick.

  • Support image capture while recording.

  • Zoom function (8 levels).

  • Cable M/FT counter and Text.

  • 4400mmAh lithium battery, hour working life.

  • Stand rail. 

  • Optional removable camera heads with different size and functions (self leveling or 512Hz transmitter).

  • Accessories: Controller, Coil, Camera head, Charger, SD card (8GB), Case and Skid.

  • Camera Heads
    Size: Ø23mm x 134mm
    Pixel: 720 x 576
    Leds: 12 View Angle: 120°
    Skid: 40mm, 80mm
    Waterproof: IP68
    Applicable Range: DN 30-200mm

  • Cable Reels
    Cable Size: Ø330 x 95mm
    Cable Length: 30m
    Cable Diameter: Ø5mm 4-cores

  • Screen
    Size: 7 inch TFT color screen
    Total Pixels: 800 x 480
    Storage Medium: 8GB SD card & USB stick
    DVR Total Pixels: 720 x 576
    Movie Format: AVI
    Photo Format: JPEG
    8 Levels Digital Zoom
    Charge Time: 5 hours
    Running Time: ≥ 7 hours

  • Environment
    Operation temperature: -10~50°C
    Storage Temperature: -20~70°C
    Operation humidity:95%RH Max
    Storage humidity:95%RH Max

  • Case
    Dimensions: 440 x 395 x 165mm
    Material: Fireproof board and aluminum alloy

  • Weight: 5.5 kg

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