Spartna SPR-711 Multi Portable Gas Detector and Dust Particle Detector (SO2, NO2, O3, H2S, PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, PM0.3)


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Spartna SPR-711 it can measure Dust Particle Detector, Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Ozone (O3) detection, air temperature and relative humidity. It has many functions. With it is possible to determine the number of particles in the size of 0.3, 1.0, 2.5 and 10 µm. It is the ideal instrument for environmental safety and energy-saving surveys.

  • Semiconductor technology of ultra low power 32 bit microprocessor, 24 bit ADC acquisition chip, so with the high accuracy. 
  • 3.5 inch IPS industrial grade color screen.
  • Gas concentration unit available for %LEL, PPM, %VOL, mg/m3.
  • For 1~5 gas detecting, gas type all be customized, supporting the PM2.5 particle counter sensor, and humidity sensor , etc.
  • Internal sampling pump for suction, the suction strength is adjustable in different level.
  • Explosion proof grade is Exia II CT4.
  • Inspect the gas concentration and alarm when it reaches preset alarm level. 
  • With auto-test and data recover function.
  • One-key operation to restore to factory default setting.
  • Temperature and pressure compensation. 
  • Adjustable two-stage audible-visual alarm threshold value.
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium battery with big capacity.
  • Working under the micro negative pressure is available.
  • Overload protection, over charge protection, anti static interference, anti magnetic interference, etc.
  • Accessories: Particle filter, box, instruction, USB charger , data line and calibration cap.


  • Gas Type: SO2, NO2, O3, H2S, PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, PM0.3.
  • Working Principle: Electrochemical sensor for Gases Laser sensor for PM.
  • Measuring Range: NO2: 0~20ppm; SO2: 0~20ppm; O3: 0~10ppm; H2S: 0~100ppm; PM:0~999ug/m3.
  • Resolution: NO2: 0.1ppm; SO2: 0.1ppm; O3: 0.1ppm; H2S: 0.1ppm, PM: 1ug/m3
  • Accuracy: ±3%F.S (or customized).
  • Temp. & Humidity Range: Temperature: -40~60°C; Humidity: 0~100% RH.
  • Data Storage Function: With the capacity of the 100000 group of measuring data, by the software could be transmitted to the computer.
  • Response Time: ≤20s (T90).
  • Recovery Time: ≤20s.
  • Repeatability and Linearity: ≤±1%.
  • Alarm Mode: Audible, visual, vibration
  • Display: LCD display the Date, time, Temp.& humidity, Gas concentration data, unit, status for the pump, alarm and battery.
  • Working Temperature: -30~60°C
  • Working Humidity: 0-95%RH (non-condensing)
  • Working Pressure: 70Kpa ~ 200Kpa
  • Explosion-proof Grade: Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
  • Protection Grade: IP65
  • Shell Material: ABS+PC
  • Dimensions:  220 x 88 x 55 mm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg

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