Sonel BT-120 Battery Teste

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Sonel BT-120 tester is a measuring tool that allows you to accurately test a wide range of battery parameters to ensure optimal battery performance. Designed for both professionals and home users, BT-120 tester is a vital support for keeping batteries in excellent condition.

  • AC/DC current measurements, The tester can accurately measure AC and DC current up to 400 A. This is crucial to assess the battery's ability to deliver power and identify any problems with current flow.
  • AC/DC voltage measurements, BT-120 allows you to measure both AC and DC voltage, up to 500 volts. This is important for monitoring voltage stability and matching battery voltage to the requirements of powered devices.
  • Internal impedance is an indicator of the battery's condition. The tester allows you to measure this value, which allows you to assess the condition of the battery and make informed decisions about its further use.
  • Measuring the ripple voltage down to 5 V identifies potential problems, such as cell damage or improper charging. This is crucial to maintaining battery performance.
  • BT-120 is used in a wide range of industries, from automotive and electrical to renewable energy and telecommunications. It's a tool for professionals concerned about power reliability and efficiency.
  • Monitor the performance of batteries and avoid unpleasant surprises related to their improper operation.
  • Make informed decisions about the continued use of batteries or their replacement, based on internal impedance measurements.
  • Ensure reliable power supply in a wide range of applications, from vehicles to emergency power systems.
  • Identify potential problems, such as improper charging or cell damage, by measuring the ripple voltage.
  • Standard accessories: 
    - Set of cables for measuring internal impedance
    - Set of cables for voltage measurement
    - Adapter for data transmission (USB)
    - C-130BE measuring clamp
    - Carrying case
    - Power supply
    - Calibration resistor 


  • Internal resistance
    Range: 0-300 Ω 
    Resolution: 1 μΩ
    Accuracy: ±(0.5% m.v. + 10 digits) 

  • DC voltage
    Range: 0-500 V
    Resolution: 0.001 V
    Accuracy: ±(0.5% m.v. + 5 digits)

  • AC voltage
    Range: 0-500 V
    Resolution: 0.1 V
    Accuracy: ±(0.75% m.v. + 5 digits)

  • Ripple voltage
    Range: 0-5 V
    Resolution: 0.001 V
    Accuracy: ±(2.5% m.v. + 10 digits)

  • DC current
    Range: 0-400 A
    Resolution: 0.001 A
    Accuracy: ±(0.5% m.v. + 5 digits)

  • AC current
    Range: 0-400 A
    Resolution: 0.001 A
    Accuracy: ±(0.75% m.v. + 10 digits)

  • Temperature
    Range: -10-100°C
    Resolution: 0.1°C
    Accuracy: ±(1% m.v. + 2 digits)

  • Type of insulation acc. to EN 61010-1 and IEC 61557: double

  • Measuring category acc. to EN 61010: CAT III 500 V

  • Ingress protection: IP54

  • Power supply
    Mains: AC 100 V…240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz 
    Rechargeable battery:  Li-Ion >5.4 Ah

  • Storage temperature: -20…+50°C

  • Humidity: 10-85%

  • Display: <2000 m

  • Dimensions: 232 x 192 x 111 mm

  • Weight: 1.4 kg


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