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The PRO OX-100 programmable handheld digital oxygen monitor is designed to give operators the most precise oxygen level readings possible. Internationally renowned for its highly advanced features and low-cost, this self-calibrating oxygen weld monitor with an internal pump accurately measures down to 0.01% (100 ppm) resolution, making it ideal for purging and other welding applications.


  • Data Logging Capabilities
    Download Driver Software by completing this form.
  • Archive Records with Software Reporting
    Create permanent records of real time data (at 15 second intervals for continuous mode or as needed in spot mode) of oxygen levels for critical welding operations
  • Easy-to-Use Conversion Software
    Capture and export 50 data points in just clicks to Microsoft®  Excel and plain text format 
  • Convenient and Quick Data Offload
    The PRO OX-100 offloads data to a PC via a convenient USB interface at a high-speed, ensuring data integrity
  • SPOT:
    1. Use this mode if the purging process requires more than 20 minutes to extend battery life
    2. Use this mode for simultaneous weld applications
    1. Use this mode when permanent records are required (in conjunction with data logging)
    2. Use this mode when PPM is near required level
  • Factory Calibrated and Certified
    1. The PRO OX-100 Oxygen Monitor is factory calibrated and certified, accompanied by a dated certificate of authentication
    2. Meets requirements specified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology
    3. Self calibrated model:
    Calibrates using ambient air. No special calibration gas required.
    4. 2 point calibration model:
    Calibrates using ambient air and 99.999% Argon.
  • Audiovisual Alarm
    1. Eliminates guesswork as audiovisual alarm can be set to desired O2 PPM value
    2. Unit will produce an intermittent beep sound simultaneously as a green light flashes
    3. Operator is alerted even in noisy or poorly lit environments and can continue evacuating oxygen, reset the alarm or commence welding
  • Rechargeable 9V Battery & Charger Designed For Universal Voltage
    1. Compatible with different voltage and frequency specifications from around the world
    2. Can operate on 100VAC/60Hz, 120VAC/60Hz and 220VAC/50Hz configurations
    3. Rechargeable battery is the environmentally friendly solution
    4. Can be used over and over, saving on purchases
    5. Any non-rechargeable 9V battery can be substituted
    6. Charger also serves as a standalone power supply when operation will exceed one hour in length
  • CE Designation
    The PRO OX-100 is in compliance with EC Directives


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