Aquasol POM®- 100B High Purity Oxygen Analyzer for Welding Applications


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Aquasol has developed the first APP enabled handheld oxygen monitor for the welding industry. Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows; the patent-pending POM®-100B joins other well-known innovative brands in bringing the latest technology to welders’ fingertips. The APP allows users to monitor oxygen levels within a range of 100 feet (30 M) from the actual oxygen monitor with Bluetooth transmitting capabilities. Real-time monitoring improves the quality control process and improves productivity.

Simply said, the Aquasol POM®-100B is a battery-powered, Bluetooth transmitting, rechargeable, handheld digital oxygen monitor with an internal pump that accurately measures oxygen concentration with 0.01% (100 PPM) resolution. Oxygen is displaced by the purge gas to a pre-determined level set by the operator. Evacuation of oxygen is paramount in high purity welding to prevent oxidation, discoloration, and coking.

The POM®-100B comes equipped with many advanced features such as its data logging capabilities, which allow operators to create infinite permanent records of real time data and export to Microsoft® Excel and plain text format.

The POM®-100B also offers a built-in, programmable multi-language feature with on-screen instructions that are available in English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Together with different voltage and frequency specifications and compatibilities, the POM®-100B is the most universal oxygen weld monitor available on the global market today.

With its long battery life and fast charging capabilities, operators get the most power in the least possible time. That, coupled with dust and water proof construction means it can withstand unusual and severe environmental conditions without interfering with operation of the equipment.

With so many advanced features, the POM®-100B is easily the most technologically advanced weld purge monitor on the market while always giving the most accurate measurement.

  • Large Color Display 2.8" LCD

  • Heavy Duty Sealing Flap for Charger and USB Ports

  • Ideal for use in general welding applications for reducing oxidation of welds

  •  Extended Battery Life: 25-30 hours 

  • One Year Warranty on Unit & Sensor

  •  Long Life: Expected sensor life is > 3 years

  • Rugged Construction Dust and Water Resistant

  • Smart Bluetooth Features

  • Unlimited Offline Storage

  • Kit Contents:
    POM® -100B with Built-in Sensor 
    Polycarbonate Carrying Case 
    Polyurethane Extension Tubing (5' or 1.5m) with Quick Connect and Stainless Steel Probe (6" or 15cm) 
    Power Supply/Charger (US or Euro) 
    USB Printer Cable 
    Phillips Head Screwdriver


  • Measurement Range:  0.01 - 20.9%

  • Display Resolution: 0.01%

  • Accuracy: ± 0.01%

  • Typical Response Time: Approximately 60 seconds

  • Sensor Life: 3+ years

  • Operating /Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)

  • Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing

  • Pump Sampling Rate: 0.4 - 0.7 LPM (400 - 700 cc/min)

  • Maximum Input Pressure: 20 PSI

  • Operating Time: 25 - 30 hours

  • Battery Charge Time: < 3 hours

  • Bluetooth Range: Approximately 100 ft/30m

  • Weight: 18 oz (510 g)

  • Dimensions: 8.05" x 3.4" x 1.72" (20.45cm x 8.64cm x 4.37cm)


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