Extech EA10 EasyView™ Dual Input Thermometers

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The Extech EA10 EasyView™ Dual Input Thermometer is a basic Type-K thermometer with wide temperature range. It has a temperature range from -200°C to 1360°C (-200°F to 1999°F) with 1°C/ 0.1°F resolution. It features data hold, auto power off, low battery, and overrange indication. Complete with a built-in stand, protective holster, two Type-K bead wire temperature probes, and batteries.

  • Compact and rugged design features large backlit display

  • Displays [T1 plus T2] or [T1-T2 plus T1] or [T1-T2 plus T2] 

  • Selectable units of °F, °C, K (Kelvin)

  • Wide temperature range with 0.1°/1° resolution

  • Timer function displays elapsed time plus the time when MIN and MAX readings are taken 

  • Data Hold function freezes reading on display 

  • Auto Power off to save battery life 

  • Low battery and overrange indication 

  • Records Max/Min readings for later recall 

  • Basic Type K Dual input 

  • OFFSET key used for zero function to make relative measurements

  • Complete with built-in stand, protective holster, two Type K bead wire temperature probes (-22 to 572°F/-30 to 300°C), and 6 AAA batteries


  • Thermocouple Type K: -200 to 1999°F (-200 to 1360°C)

  • Resolution: 0.1°

  • Basic Accuracy:  ±0.3% (+2°F/+1°C)

  • Dimensions: 6 x 2.8 x 1.5" (152 x 72 x 37mm)

  • Weight: 235g


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