Elitech DMG-4B Digital Manifold Gauge App Control AC Gauges


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DMG-4B series digital manifold gauge integrates pressure temperature mode, pressure holding mode, vacuum mode and data recording mode into one. It is suitable for daily inspection and maintenance of refrigeration and heating ventilation systems to help users provide more real and accurate data, greatly improve the user's on-site work efficiency, and can completely replace the existing mechanical meter valves. At the same time, it supports APP to view reports and data analysis, real-time update of commonly used refrigerants, and remote firmware upgrades to continuously improve product user experience.

  • Characteristic: Parameter
  • Pressure Range: ±1% FS
  • Resolution: 1psi
  • Unit: Pressure: psi, kPa, MPa, bar, inHg Temperature: °C,°F
  • Refrigerant Type: The device defaults to 18 types, which can be updated through the APP
  • Alternative Refrigerants: Device default type:
    R11 R12 R13 R22 R290  R32  R134a  R404A R410A  R407C  R408A R409A R458A R448A R449A R500 R502 R600 App support types:
    R11 R113 R114 R115 R116  R12  R123  R1233zd R1234yf  R1234ze R124 R125 R13 R134a R14 R141b R142b R143a  R152a R161 R170 R21 R218 R22 R227EA R23 R236EA R236fa  R245fa  R290  R32 R40  R401A  R401B R401C R402A R402B R403A R403B R404A R405A R406A R407A R407B R407C R407D R407E R407F R408A R409A R409B R41 R410A R410B R411A R411B R412A R413A R414A R414B R415A R415B R416A R417A R417B R417C R419A R419B R420A R421A R421B R422A R422B R422C R422D R422E R423A R424A R425A R426A R427A R428A R429A R430A R431A R432A R433A R433B R433C R434A R435A R436A R436B R437A R438A R439A R440A R441A R442A R443A R444A R444B R445A R446A R447A R448A R449A R449B R450A R451A R451B R452A R452B R452C R453A R454A R454B R454C R455A R456A R457A R458A R50 R500 R502 R503 R504 R507A R508A R508B R509A R510A R512A R514A R600 R600a R601 R601a R717 R718  R720 R728 R732 R740 R744
    Note: The actual supported refrigerant types are subject to APP
  • Interface: 1/4 SAE*3
  • Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V, AAA batteries
    Battery life: 200H (display with screen backlight off)
  • Display: LCD screen
  • Product Parameters: Size: 110 x 75 x 135mm
    Weight: about 700g
  • Environmental Requirements: Working temperature: 14~122℉/-10~50℃
    Storage temperature: -4~140℉/-20~60℃
  • Supported Languages: English,Chinese

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