SPTA 3" 15000rpm Air Sander Mini Pneumatic Sander Orbit Buffer Polisher


سعر البيعAED. 350.00
في المخزن


The SPTA Air Sander Mini Pneumatic Sander Orbit Buffer Polisher, High Speed and Powerful, universal sanding machine, use for Construction, Automobile and other fabrication, Manufacturing and repair industries, Mold industry and Woodworking and furniture manufacturing.

  • High quality professional air random orbital sander with 15 pcs buffing pads, 18 pcs sandpapers, 3 pcs backing plates, 1 pc screw and 1 pc screwdriver.
  • Various size and type polishing pads can be installed with different type of discs. You could choose a suitable pad to polish something according to your demand.
  • High stability, low vibration rate and low energy consumption, 15000 Rpm. And it is easy to operate mini air sander. See more details in the product description or user manual.
  • High efficiency, High technology. SPTA air polisher adopts eccentric double-rotation polishing method to make the polishing effect more uniform and smooth.
  • Ideal for spot sanding focus areas, removing solder joints and rust spots on metal products, deburring furniture and woodwork, mold manufacturing, polishing automotive and detailing work, etc.
  • Item: Air Sander
  • Brand: SPTA
  • Power Type: Pneumatic Sanding Machine
  • Air Comsumption: 4 CFM
  • Orbit: 3mm
  • Exhaust: ear End
  • Free Speed: 15000RPM
  • Function: Sanding
  • Polishing: Buffing


  • 1"2"3" green Sponge Pad*3
  • 1"2"3" blue Sponge Pad*3
  • 1"2"3" red Sponge Pad*3
  • 1"2"3" microfiber pads*1
  • 1"2"3" Wool Pad*1
  • 1"2"3""Backing Plate*1
  • Screwdrivert*1
  • Screwt*1
  • 1"2"3" sandpaper*6

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